Sit On Trench Plate

'designed to work - designed to help'

Sit On Trench Plate

Field feedback from Haiti showed that the native population were not acquainted with squatplates and were used to euro style toilet pedestal bowls even if not connected to any pipework!

This has given rise to a plethora of bag capture units, using bags & bio-chemicals.

In addition there were a few awkward comments from working field delegates who were culturally unused to squatplates but understood the effectiveness of pit or trench latrines.

Finally, we have recognised the benefits of a pedestal type unit in respect of mothers & children, disabled, elderly and even those with a touch of arthritis.

To bridge all these aspects, AirCell have designed and made a standard 120×80 structural plate with a ‘saddle’ unit formed to the same dimensions as a typical pedestal euro bowl, but with the interior flared away to work as a ‘direct-drop’ trench unit. In addition the separate seat & lid can act as a bag-trap, and the lid has an indent or a toilet roll. We will soon be making a flush bowl and urine diversion kit that can connect to a 10cms pipe system. The ‘saddle’ part is normally bonded to the plate as a stand-alone bag capture domestic unit.