All over the world millions of people suffer from the effects of natural disasters, oppression and poverty – their normal lives are destroyed and they are deprived of their dignity and rights to three basic needs of life: shelter, sanitation and hygiene.

AIRCELL STRUCTURES is unique in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of products for humanitarian, outreach and commercial use – products that are light yet strong and always fit-for-purpose.

Our products are researched, designed, made, trialled & produced with one objective: to save lives and help people.

AirCell Structures project in Zimbabwe

AIRCELL STRUCTURES products are aid compliant & manufactured to ISO & Sphere Project standards. They can be deployed separately or combined together as emergency response facilities or mobile outreach programmes, or environments such as camps, hospitals, schools, warehousing etc.

Our equipment helps improve facilities, standards and quality of life in many aspects of rural communities.


Our innovative research and development programme has resulted in unique ‘hands-free’ products delivering water with lower risk of contagion.


In the most problematic sector of human health we provide effective latrine structures & accessories for humanitarian use.


AirCell Structures inflatable tents and hubs

More than just simple shelters our air-frame TTent range fulfils many functions as mini-hospitals as well as robust living and working spaces.