Medical Outreach Tent

Medical Outreach Tent

Enquiry from Marie Stopes International in late May 2011 ā€“ they needed a lightweight 3 room medical tent that could be deployed by a team of 3 personel from a 4×4 vehicle on an overnight basis. They had been looking for some time and were recommended to AirCell at an International Aid Procurement Group conference.Within 2 weeks AirCell presented a custom design based on our existing inflatable airframe TTent range, but specifically suited to MSI requirements and, at the same time, exceeding their brief in areas where AirCell felt such details might be useful ā€“ for example: the main frame is componentised to make each piece easy to handle; each wall frame & panel can be added or left off, so the structure is adaptable from a simple gazebo, to an enclosure, to a single room, to a 3 room consult/procedure/recovery facility.
AirCell also proposed including a power inverter in the kit, which would allow the inflation pump to work direct from the vehicle battery and make the whole operation truly independent. We subsequently sourced and tested a suitable unit from a supplier in China near our TTent factory.

At the same time MSI were invited to AirCellā€™s country showroom near Buckingham to see how our tried and tested airframe system works. They were impressed with the speed & ease of assembly and the robustness of the structure once inflated.

A trial order for 2 TT.CC was issued for the MSI programme in Madagascar and they were delivered in early November ā€“ less than 6 months from initial discussions.

The only modification implemented since then is the numbering of every component to further simplify the assembly process, and AirCell has since delivered TT.CC TTents to MSI in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Zanzibar, Mali, Sierra Leone and soon to Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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