About AirCell Structures

After the Kashmir earthquake late in 2005, Michael Messenger, an industrial designer of yachts, Formula 1 & Sky technical and hospitality vehicles, decided to commit his design skills to field products to help the victims of disasters and the aid workers who rush to help them.

Born in a Nissen hut on an RAF base in Cambridgeshire, brought up in Jordan & Hong Kong, schooled at Winchester and the Royal College of Art, Messenger founded Aircell Structures Ltd, which is now the only company in the world designing and manufacturing a cross-section of shelter, sanitation and hygiene products specifically for humanitarian, commercial, outreach and faith hygiene use.

Using the concept of ‘transfunctional technology’ – making the high-tech materials used in Formula 1 work in new low-tech ways – Messenger designed a unique range of products from field latrines to medical tents to water dispensers that have been deployed all over Africa – from Madagascar to Burkina Faso, in Asia from the Swat Valley to Burma, and of course, in the Caribbean in Haiti.

AirCell is committed to listening and researching and providing the right solutions for the right people in the right places – designed to work, designed to help.